DUO Dev Kit quick start

If you’re reading this, you received your Dato DUO dev kit. Congrats! We’ll be updating this guide this week for a more graphic version.

getting started

  1. Plug in the micro USB cable for power
  2. Press the big button in the middle of the sequencer to start the sequence

The mini jack next to the USB connector is the headphone/line out jack. The other two jacks are used for sync.

The rightmost potentiometer on the synth side can be used as a volume control.

known hardware issues

  1. No graphics on the face plate
  2. Sync in does not work and will not work in this revision
  3. Digital noise comes out of the speaker
  4. The envelopes can be clicky at times

DUO arrived today! The box construction was odd, with spaces that could easily let water, etc. in. I suggest a less “gappy” box for future shipments. I ordered an SWD for programming it; I missed the part that said you would provide it. So… I guess I don’t need two! That will arrive in a few days, then I’ll follow the process. For a first version/prototype, this instrument is beautiful. I’m excited to get into it. I’ll have my 8-year-old and his (same age) friend try it out, too, and try to take some video.

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