Clock sync with iPad Garage Band

Hi all! Just received our Duo and we love it! My two kids are jamming on it and of course now I try to expand the experience.

Im not a sound guy, so no fancy equipment or cables lying around. But a USB-C iPad with Garage Band. Would love to have the Duo and Garage Band in “Sync” so my kids can jam on the duo and I on the iPad.

Already tried just connecting the Duo via USB-C and it seems it can work as a Midi-Input. But I didnt find a way to have Duo and the Garage Band drum sequencer to play in sync. How do I do that?


Hi Perelin, welcome to the forum!

Great to hear you’re all enjoying the DUO. We’ve tested it with a USB-C iPad as well and they complement each other nicely.

It is possible to sync the DUO to Garageband’s clock – for example to have the drum sequencer play in sync. To do so, go the settings (gear in the top right corner), scroll down and choose ‘Advanced’:

From here, switch on ‘Send MIDI Clock’:

Now, if the track is playing or recording, the DUO will play in sync. On the DUO, the speed knob now has three settings: to the left it’s half speed, up is normal speed, and to the right is double speed.

Wish you lots of fun jamming!

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Brilliant, thank you!

Just a small addon-question: do you provide firmware updates to the Duo as well? Where can I grab them?

Really enjoying the device!

Thanks! As of yet we don’t offer firmware updates. This might change though. If so, we’ll let you know on these forums.

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@Quinten So I tried to sync Duo with Garage Band clock as you described. Works!..BUT: iPad/Garageband seems to receive midi notes from the running Duo which leads to unwanted notes getting played in GarageBand. How can I turn this off? Thanks!

Ah! I’m noticing the same. It indeed looks like GarageBand is receiving MIDI notes from the DUO. In GarageBand there doesn’t seem to be an option to turn this off. Selecting another MIDI channel on the DUO also doesn’t have an effect.

There is a pragmatic solution though: when you transpose the DUO up a few times (red triangle on the right above the keyboard) it doesn’t trigger unwanted notes anymore. Not ideal! But perhaps better than unintended cowbells here and there :slight_smile:.

Does the Macbook version of the garageband have the same option? I do not see the clock option on my computer. Thanks. Z