Connect DATO to Mac?


just ordered this device and like to combine with an online drumcomputer. But what’s the procedure of correctly hooking up this device to a MAC? Based on some reading I think I need either a cable which connects the midi out to USB but im not sure if this is the best option. I really like to be able to use the virtual instrument together with the DATO, preferrably with DATO as master. Is that possible?

(sorry, i am a real synth noob, so be - a little - kind to me :wink:

EDIT: I found this mio — iConnectivity, but not so sure it does what I want.

The Duo will connect fine with a Mac using the USB cable that came with the Duo and it will do MIDI that way. Then it’s more a matter of what software you want to work with. I don’t really know how other software works but my Duo plays along great together with my Mac running Logic Pro. But that’s kind of a big investment just to play with the Duo. What i don’t know if Logic will let you use Duo as the master.

But, the first thing I would try if a were you, I’d try to use the Duo together with GarageBand. That’s free i think, but it might also be limited in what things you can send over MIDI to and from it.


Thanks! Totally missed the fact a usb cable / function is included. Nice! Odd thing is that I asked the supplier and they advised me a Steinberg midi interface or similar. So I definitely follow your advice first!

My setup will be for my kids (3 and 6) and me ;). Thinking of a hardware setup later on, as physical stuff may be more attractive and for <150 it seems drumcomputers like Korg Volca series delivery well. For now I’d like to be able to delivery beats to the DATO as simple as possible.

Meanwhile, I also found a great app on the iPad delivery beats (the app beat-machine). I really love the simplicity of it and the sound kits that come with it. Reviews where admiring the app and I totally understand why. Unfortunately not available on Mac but putting an iMac next to the Dato is also nice. Must see if the usb cable connects too, guess not. May need an adapter to fit it. It’s straightforward click and play interface is even understandable for my boys so let’s see if i can get it started.

Just found some intriguing settings in the app with midi settings like clocks and many numbers for each path. :laughing: i may return in this topic…

Meanwhile got the Dato hooked up to my Mac. Unfortunately Garageband cant be used as my imac is too old and not longer compatible with my powerpc cpu. However, other apps are working liked Dexed (a synth with (too) many options). When i hook it up I can use the sequencer of the DATO to play music on the synth. The other way around, using sounds from the software synth as part of the DATO doesnt seem to work. Is that indeed the fact or my lack of understanding?

You’ve already come very far. The DUO’s sequencer can indeed play music on Dexed through MIDI. Seeing that MIDI only transmits note data (like playing notes on a MIDI keyboard) it is not possible to have the sounds from Dexed play in the DUO. If you want to use the DUO’s sounds in your Mac you will need to record the sound from the DUO’s headphone output.

@David: thx!

I used my Mac Mini to run Garageband connected to the Dato, works very well. Plug and play and suddenly a whole lot of extra sounds, drums and effects. Have to admit that jamming with a computer hooked up is much, much more clunky and less appealing to my kids. I noticed Korg Volcas may be interesting, but look complex with many multifunction buttions.

But very cool and versatile device this Dato Duo, we really like it sofar!

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I haven’t used any Volcas but I can recommend the Teenage engineering PO-12 drum machine to use with the Duo. It’s cheap and fairly easy to make beats on.

…and also various guitar effect pedals can do a big difference with small money and effort.

Still having fun here. Bought a 30-pins to MIDI cable to connect my good old iPad (one) to the DATO in order to have the beat-machine app (which we like alot!) run as master. I didn’t expect it to go right in one go, which was the right expectation…

When I connect the MIDI out of the DATO to the iPAD en select both MIDI IN Syncing and Start/stop trigger in the app, the DATO will start both. The BPM indicator in the app is very unstable though, it reacts to the speed selector of the DATO but doesnt jump there immediatly but needs some seconds to arrive at the right speed. The app quickly loses sync though, especially when using the effects faders/buttons of the DATO. Conclusion, the app needs to be the Master! But when i change the cable to MIDI in on the DATO and the setting of the app (to send out the sync and start stop), nothing happens when I start the sequence of the app nor will it sync when I start the DATO manually. I noticed the app has midi channels for MIDI in (channel 1) and MIDI out (10). I tried with the MIDI out channels (1-16) but none let the DATO pick up the signal.

Many possibilities what could be wrong, but I do not get any feedback of both devices whether it’s working or if not, what is not working i am lost now. At least I know: the DATO accepts incoming MIDI sync as I used it once in a shop to test a hardware drum. The app and midi cable work as they can at least receive MIDI signal, but at the moment cannot send it.

Any help … please :slight_smile: