Sampler with DUO?

Hi, what gear do you recommend for sampling loops created in the DUO? I’ve seen PO-33 and Circuit Rhythm recommended. Any takes?

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Hey there !

Basically, any DAW or any sampler with audio-in capabilities.
In the end, it depends whether you want to capture the audio in, capture the MIDI out, or both.

So far, I’ve used :

  • Logic Pro/Garage Band (both macOS and iPadOS) to record both audio and MIDI data from the DUO
  • op1 Field/Pocket Operators to record audio in, synced to a BPM
  • an old cassette recorder to record, unsynced, audio to tape (for that hiss sound)
  • my trusty VocalMemo app for recording interesting loops on the fly

Most of the time, I’d end up editing the resulting loop in a DAW.
I find the DatoDUO very cool but somewhat limited at times. And once you’ve spent some time discovering it, the real value is in the « discovery à deux ». Guiding someone else around the unit and fiddling with it for an hour is cool and yields some cool stuff. It all sounds the same at the end of the day, so I’d suggest to use some effects to kinda make it sound new again.
I’m currently trying out the Bullfrog, and it’s exactly what the Dato could have been.
And to be both more accurate and fair, both lack what the other got for itself. Namely, put the step sequencer and the dual panel of the DatoDUO with the Bullfrog frame and sound capabilities and we’ve got a killer rig. One that can be used to teach, to learn, to play, to create.

Anyways. I’m veering off topic.

Long story short, depending on what you’re trying to get out of the DatoDUO, any sampler is good to go. As far as audio-in goes, that is. If you start fiddling with MIDI capabilities, then a bit of research and trial/error will get you there.
I find DAWs to be the more convenient for that kind of stuff, but a SP404mk2, a Maschine or MPC will do the trick just as fine - if not better!