Set MIDI Ableton / DATO

I use the DATO as a synthesizer with an effect behind.
I plug it in MIDI with the 5DIN but when I start reading a track on ABLETON, the DATO starts.

I just wish that the DATO gets the information from TEMPO but that it does not launch itself when I read on ableton

How do I set it?

Hi Elmiro,

Welcome to the Dato forum!

Unfortunately, Ableton Live sends a START signal along with the tempo information, so it is not possible to turn off the automatic start.

Could you provide some more details about the gear you are using and how it is connected? We might be able to come up with an alternative way of clocking the DUO without starting it.


Thank you David.

My Dato is connected in 5DIN midi on the USB HUB of my computer

Alright, unfortunately we can’t influence what is going through the USB MIDI adapter. Do you have any other gear, maybe with a SYNC output, that could be used to sync the DUO?

I don’t think I have an embodme erae, an apc63, a subsequent moog but nothing in sync midi seems to me.

I can directly connect the sync of the dato in midi 5DIn to my sound card arturia audiofuse 16RIG?

Would that solve the problem or not?

The easiest way is not to use the main start/stop button in Ableton Live but just have the clock running all the time. Also, you could press the start/stop button on the DUO to stop the sequencer.

Alternatively, there is a way to sync the DUO without MIDI. It is a bit of an advanced approach, but you could use a spare analog audio output of the Audiofuse interface and run it into the SYNC IN mini jack port of the DUO (so not MIDI). Take a cable with mini jack on one and and a large jack for your audio interface on the other end.

If you make a click track in Ableton and play it through that audio output the DUO will sync to it. Any sufficiently loud click like a snare or rimshot should work.